Lost Horizon Introduced The World To Shangri-La

Lost Horizon Introduced The World To Shangri-La

"In these days of wars and rumors of wars—haven’t you ever dreamed of a place where there was peace and security, where living was not a struggle but a lasting delight?" Good question, easy answer: Duh.

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Twitter’s new Windows Phone beta ties into your photo collection

A handful of those eager to install the Windows Phone 8.1 preview just got an additional perk for being early adopters. NokiaNewsIreland has discovered an unannounced (and now unavailable) open beta for Twitter’s Windows Phone 8.1 app that makes much…

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2015 Hyundai Sonata to integrate CarPlay, fresh looks

Hyundai is the latest car maker to announce firm CarPlay plans, with the 2015 Sonata being the Korean manufacturer’s first to integrate the system. Announced today in New York, the 2015 Sonata will be going on sale later on in the year.

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Tour the Fish Farm Hidden in a Hong Kong High-Rise

Tour the Fish Farm Hidden in a Hong Kong High-Rise

In cities as crowded as Hong Kong, there is nowhere to go but up up up—even for fish. So, on the fifteenth floor of a high-rise, is a mini ocean in the sky: 80,000 liters of salt water where young groupers swim under cool, blue light. Could this be the future of urban farming?

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Make Room For Mushrooms: Fungi Compete With Meat In Burgers

Richard Blais’ Earth & Turf Burger, served at the FLIP Burger Boutique in Atlanta, is 50 percent beef, 50 percent mushroom.

Courtesy of FLIP Burger Boutique

Richard Blais’ Earth & Turf Burger, served at the FLIP Burger Boutique in Atlanta, is 50 percent beef, 50 percent mushroom.

Courtesy of FLIP Burger Boutique

With so many people reconsidering their meat consumption, the mushroom industry is hoping their product can become the next “other” white meat. And with the cost of meat rising, scientists and chefs say they think mushrooms have a shot at moving closer to the center of the plate.

Not long ago, the Mushroom Council, an industry group, hosted scientists, nutrition researchers and chefs for a Mushrooms and Health Summit. Among them was Amy Myrdal Miller, director of programs and culinary nutrition the Culinary Institute of America, who presented findings from a research study she did with UC-Davis researcher Jean-Xavier Guinard. (The study was funded by the Mushroom Council.)

Miller’s hunch was that consumers could enjoy mushrooms as a healthy substitute for meat without sacrificing flavor. So she and Guinard gave 147 adults eight different samples of taco blends with varying amounts of meat and mushrooms. On one end was a sample with 100 percent beef and on the other was 20 percent beef, 80 percent mushroom. In between them was a 50 percent beef, 50 percent mushroom mix.

The majority voted for the 50-50 mushroom and meat blend, finding the burgers just as satiating as the real thing, and more flavourful, according to Miller.

Flavor isn’t the only payoff. Mushroom-meat burgers are, on average, 24 percent lower in fat and 27 percent cheaper than regular, all beef burgers, according to the Mushroom Council. And adding mushrooms to any dish means adding vitamin D, potassium, antioxidants and B vitamins.

Restaurants throughout the U.S. are also discovering that meat and mushrooms can make a very good pair. Atlanta-based chef Richard Blais, who appeared on Top Chef and heads several Atlanta eateries including Flip Burger Boutique, was one early adopter. Here’s his recipe for the Earth & Turf burger served at Flip.

Bob Okura, executive corporate chef and head of Culinary Development at The Cheesecake Factory, says he spotted the mushroom-meat pairing trend years ago and then developed The Cheesecake Factory’s turkey mushroom burger.

“Mushrooms seem to generate a natural umami reaction that makes everything in a dish taste even better than they do on their own,” says Okura.

Four hundred million pounds of mushrooms come from farms in Chester County, Pa.

Eliza Barclay/NPR

Four hundred million pounds of mushrooms come from farms in Chester County, Pa.

Eliza Barclay/NPR

As Nancy Shute has reported, mushrooms’ umami comes from their high levels of glutamate. (And check out Robert Krulwich’s engaging piece on the origins of umami.)

Mushrooms are also making their way into burgers in several schools.

Jessica Shelly, food services director for Cincinnati Public Schools, says she has had huge success with adding one-eighth of a cup of mushrooms to burger meat.

“It has been an immediate hit with students,” she says.

Yale University and Cornell University are serving mushroom-meat mixes in their cafeterias, too. And burgers aren’t the only blendable menu item. Robert Rusan, a chef in the Maplewood Richmond Heights school district in St. Louis, Mo., is adding mushrooms to turkey and beef meatballs and meatloaf.

“Mushrooms blend easily in meat mixtures because they have a meaty texture,” says Rusan. “I anticipate more and more schools getting on-board with using mushrooms, primarily because mushrooms are becoming trendier.”

With increasing mushroom consumption, sales have risen consistently for the past several years and are forecasted to grow by 3.7 percent for 2013, outpacing general produce, according to the Mushroom Council.

As more chefs and diners discover the mighty mushroom’s versatility, meat won’t necessarily be edged out completely, but could play second fiddle.

Source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/11/05/243218136/make-room-for-mushrooms-fungi-compete-with-meat-in-burgers?ft=1&f=1001
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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel Shoot “Sex Tape” in L.A.

Hard at work on what they hope to be next summer’s big blockbuster, Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz filmed “Sex Tape” in Los Angeles on Tuesday (October 5).

The “Bad Teacher” star looked cute in a lavender top, blue jeans, and Ugg boots as she busied about the set along with her newly svelte co-star.

In the upcoming comedy, a married couple wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing, leading to a frantic search for its whereabouts.

Directed by Jake Kasdan, the flick also includes Rob Lowe, Ellie Kemper, Jack Black, and Rob Corddry in the cast. “Sex Tape” is set for release on July 18th.

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Miley Cyrus Duets With Future In “Real and True” — Listen!

Now here’s a music match made in space! Miley Cyrus‘ latest collaboration track landed on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer joins rapper-producer Future — who got engaged to Ciara on Oct. 27 — and Mr Hudson (whose vocals were featured in Jay Z’s “Young Forever) in a song titled “Real and True.” The track, which precedes Future’s upcoming sophomore album Honest is Cyrus’ second time collaborating with the hip-hop artist. (The two originally teamed up for Cyrus’ “My Darlin” on her smash Bangerz album.) 

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Miley Cyrus, dressed as a naked alien covered in glitter body paint, stars in Future's new music video.

Miley Cyrus, dressed as a naked alien covered in glitter body paint, stars in Future’s new music video.
Credit: Dan Steinberg/Invision for Epic Records/AP Images

Future and Cyrus recently filmed the music video, with several preview images and shots released ahead of the video’s debut. One image includes a naked Cyrus, 20, dressed as an intergalactic creature, her famous body coated in shimmery body paint. A preview trailer for the video also shows the pop star in astronaut gear.

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OF the actual video, the Atlanta-based rapper-producer told MTV News in late October, “We went into space and it’s about somebody sacrificing their life for love. This video is probably one of the most special videos to me.” 

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“Real and True,” it turns out, is related to the rapper’s journey with his fiancee Ciara: “The song is just telling people that sometimes when you get into relationships you have certain mistakes that you’ve made and your partner might have certain situations that they might’ve been in, [but it’s] just putting all of your differences aside for a better cause,” he said of the “Overdose” singer, 28.

The music video debuts Sunday, Nov. 10.

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